Top real estate agencies in Uttam Nagar
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Top real estate agencies in Uttam Nagar

Delhi  is one of the most populated and densely populated cities in India this time . It is the capital of India and is part of north-central india. Delhi is among the top cities to have affordable and luxurious property. You can find every kind of property according to your needs. To make your property search more convenient, there are many real estate agencies in Uttam nagar. Are you going to buy or sell property in Uttam Nagar, West Delhi? If yes, keep reading to know more about property in Uttam Nagar and how to buy property at discounted prices. 

About Uttam Nagar (110059)

Uttam Nagar is a locality in west Delhi popular for its affordable and luxurious property. It is well-connected with most of the routes in Delhi. It is divided into East and West Uttam Nagar and both are the stations of Delhi metro. Further, it is close to IGI Airport and you can reach there within an hour. Property in Uttam Nagar has high chances of going up because of its location between Dwarka Mor and Janakpuri. Moreover, it is one of the best areas with all major facilities such as hospitals, schools, and shopping complexes. It means, Uttam nagar is a well-facilitated area with good-infrastructure. From Uttam Nagar Metro, you can travel to any part of Delhi, Noida and Gurugram. 

Which are the top real estate agencies in Uttam nagar?

Real estate agencies work in the area and they have a list of all properties. You can get property to suit your needs if you consult with a real estate agent. Want to get the list of top real estate agencies in Uttam Nagar. 

The top reliable real estate agencies in Uttam Nagar and nearby are:

  • Nupur associates-property dealer 
  • Planner N Maker Home
  • Kamal Associates 
  • Bharat Homes
  • Ambe Associates 
  • Ansh Properties & builders
  • Sunrise Builders 
  • Aggarwal Properties and builder

What do real estate agencies do?

Real estate agencies can help you with property dealing and to buy or sell with expected prices. Whether you want to buy or sell property, a real estate agency can help you with. A real estate agency works 24/7 and they know the area and the cost of houses/buildings. 

They can really help you in finding your dream home without any effort after knowing your home needs. You just need to consult a real estate agency in Uttam nagar if you are looking for property in this area. They will manage the rest of formalities and paperwork and you can keep your work continue while owning property in Uttam Nagar. 

Why should you consult with real estate agencies?

You should consult and take help from real estate agencies in buying or selling your property because they are a team of experienced professionals who work 24/7 in the same field. They can tell you the exact value of any property. No matter if you want to buy or sell property in Uttam Nagar, you will be benefited if you consult or hire one of the real estate agencies in Uttam Nagar. They know all the tricks and ways you need to follow to buy or sell a property. So, don’t think that hiring a real estate agency is costly because it saves your time and money. For example, if you buy a property without hiring a real estate agent, you may get it for higher prices therefore it is better you pay the commission fees for the real estate agency and do your job tension-free. 

Is it necessary to consult real estate agents?

No, it is not necessary to consult or hire one of the real estate agencies but it is always recommended. You should hire a real estate agency to save your time and money. Yes, money, do you know you can also save money if you hire a real estate agency? thinking , how? Well, Among the many reasons some of them are as listed below:

  • Real estate agencies are the team of professionals 
  • They have field (of a particular area or city) knowledge 
  • Real estate agents work as mediator and handle your property work so you can do your job or business without any tension
  • They are good at bargaining or handling customers 


From the above points, you might have understood why you should hire one of the real estate agencies in Uttam Nagar, if you want to buy or sell property in this area. 

What is a real estate agent’s charge?

The charges of a real estate agent may differ from company to company.  Also some agencies work for advance money and some take commission from the property deals. The commission may be 5% to 6% and they may take it in advance or after the deal. You should consult the broker fee in advance to get the best services. 

Is it safe to live in Uttam Nagar?

Yes, Uttam Nagar is a safe locality in west Delhi to invest your money. The locality has all major facilities accessible to you at affordable rates. Further, it is located between the two renowned localities of Delhi, Janakpuri and Dwarka Mor. So, you may expect property rates may go high in the future. Also, builders and developers are working on major projects in this area. 


Finally, we conclude that Uttam Nagar is a convenient and affordable area in west Delhi. Due to good connectivity with all major routes in Delhi, it is a good decision to buy property in Uttam Nagar. For making your property buying or selling easier, you can hire one of the real estate agencies in Uttam nagar. Because they have full knowledge of the locality and they can help you own affordable property in the safe and peaceful colony. Obviously, they charge a little amount of money in the form of commission but it is good to hire one because of the reasons we mentioned above.