Simplifying your Home-Finding HASSLES with Hundreds of Dreamy yet Affordable Properties.


Been there, done that. Sold this, bought that. – Bhatia Associate is a licensed professional real estate company located in West Delhi’s Uttam Nagar area that specializes in providing accommodations either commercial, residential, or even rental properties. Bhatia associates highly believe that every person deserves the opportunity of having a home.
They try in putting their efforts into going above and beyond to get you near to your next home. Bhatia Associates as a real estate agency is completely focused to match buyers' wish lists and price ranges. Bhatia Associate act as a go-between for the buyers and properties providing them a place in New Delhi to call home.
Bhatia Associate works on the principle that buying a bigger house doesn’t essentially mean spending more money. We don’t want you to negotiate your property purchases alone.