Real Estate Agency In Dwarka Mor, Delhi: Find the best in 2023
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Real Estate Agency In Dwarka Mor, Delhi: Find the best in 2023

If you search ‘real estate agency in Dwarka mor, delhi, there appears thousands of real estate agencies results. But, to find the best one is not so easy and sometimes, you might have to pay fees to get the best real estate company in Dwarka Mor. Dwarka Mor is the place or junction from where you can get routes to all major parts of Delhi. Buying property in Dwarka Mor will benefit you in the coming days because Dwarka Mor is one of the well-facilitated areas in west Delhi. Dwarka Mor is the part of Dwarka sub-city and is located at one end of it. 

About Dwarka Mor 

Dwarka Mor is a nice and convenient locality in West Delhi with good connectivity. It is located between Uttam Nagar and Dwarka on the Najafgarh road. You can find all conveniences nearby this locality such as schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping complexes and many more things. You can board public transport like metro and buses to reach any place in Delhi and nearby locations like Noida and Gurugram. 

Is it worth consulting a real estate agency in Dwarka Mor?

Of course, it is worth consulting real estate agents because they are the expert and know the right value of a property. If you are hiring a real estate agency to help you find property in Dwarka Mor, you are making the right decision. Because for some people, it seems they are paying a high amount to just find a property that they can do themself. 

Does hiring a real estate agency saves your time and money?

If you hire an agency, you are saving your time and money. Thinking, how? Well, you are hiring them, which means they will find a property for you and you save your time. Thinking ok but how do I save money? Yes, it is right that you also save money because you are not as experienced as they are. They know the exact value of any property as they can calculate the value of a property based on different parameters. But knowing the buying or selling cost of a property is not easy for you. If you are with an agent, you may buy a property at much higher rates. In this way, you are losing money but you could save this money if you would hire a real estate agency. 

How can a real estate agency in Dwarka Mor help you?

If you want to buy or sell property in Dwarka Mor then you have to find a real estate agent in that area which will benefit you in many ways. 

The local property agents have more knowledge about the area than those who are not from there. For example, if you are looking for property in Dwarka Mor, it is better to find a real estate agency in Dwarka Mor. in addition, they will take less brokerage charges as compared to outside agents. Further, they know the maps and listings to give you deep insight of the locality. 

What is the role of a real estate agent while buying or selling property?

 A real estate agent is your guide for buying or selling property. When you consult a real estate company, you discuss your property requirement with an agent. They take a brokerage charge between 5% to 6% of the total cost. But, they will do everything on your behalf to let you reside peacefully. 

  • Find home as per your requirements and affordability 
  • Keep visiting the property to know it from inside out 
  • Advise you while making an offer for buying or selling property
  • Do bargaining to provide you the property at best rates 

How to find the best real estate agency in Dwarka Mor

If you want to find the best real estate agency in Dwarka Mor, you can follow the tips shown below:

  • Search what you want online (Google or other search engines) 
  • You get list of real estate companies
  • See the ratings and reviews (also see how many people rated the company)
  • Find the highest rated company with favourable reviews 
  • Do online and offline research and asks to local residents 

The top real estate agencies in and nearby Dwarka Mor 

  1. Bhatia Associates 
  2. Guru Mahadev Real Estate Private ltd 
  3. Saanvi real estate private ltd 
  4. Gupta Realtors 
  5. Kamal Associates 
  6. Grover Estate 
  7. Atul Properties 
  8. Umang Winter Hills

Is it safe to buy property in Dwarka Mor?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy or sell property in Dwarka Mor by the help of a real estate agency. Dwarka Mor is a sfe to reside and you can easily find property at affordable rates. 

FAQs: real estate agency in Dwarka Mor

Q1. Is Dwarka Mor posh locality? 

It is a nice locality which has hospitals, schools, shopping complexes, Mandir and Najafgarh road very close to it. 

Q2. Which Dwarka sector is located near Dwarka Mor?

Dwarka Mor is very close to Dwarka, Dwarka sector 13 & 14 and sector 3 & 4. 

Q3. Is Dwarka Mor a good place to live?

Yes, it is a good place to live because of metro connectivity and located on the Najafgarh road. You can reach IGI Airport in minutes from this locality and residents also travel between Noida, Gurugram and Dwarka Mor on a daily basis. 


Dwarka Mor is a locality near Dwarka sub city with advanced infrastructure and amenities. It is an interchange which leads routes to all over Delhi and nearby sub cities. If you buy or sell your home or property in Dwarka Mor by hiring a real estate agency, it is a good step for many reasons we have shown above. Finally, on the basis of ratings and reviews, Bhatia Associates is a popular and reliable real estate agency in this area.