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Top Guidelines to Follow For Resale Flats in New Delhi

If you are an average-earning person or have tight finances, you can go for resale flats in New Delhi. Purchasing a resale property for a flat has several advantages and you can easily save on Goods and Services Tax (GST). A resale property of a home can be found anywhere inside the city map of Delhi. And, you can easily get a consultation over the flats status check by the well-renowned property agents. Bhatia Associates has good records of resale flats in New Delhi, especially for the West Delhi regions. And, you will get a perfect guideline for acquiring the best deals on it.  

What Documents Should I Look For Before Purchasing A Resale Flat In Delhi?

The prospective homebuyer must thoroughly review the property documents. And, match the details before going for resale flats in Delhi. In addition, it has a smooth process for buying formalities. Furthermore, these documents will assist you in obtaining a home loan from a bank or financial institution.

Here are the documents you should look over before purchasing a resale flat in Delhi:

Certificate of nonpayment of dues

You must ensure and check for no dues certificate, so in case the property is still holding any previous loan. In that, you will get the authority to purchase it unless every due has been cleared out. Hence, you should ask for and verify the seller’s No Dues Certificate from the relevant bank. Confirming that no pending payments are owed on the property.

Report on the title

By selecting a title search, you will get a history of the flat’s size, current ownership, location. And, any existing claims and disputes over the property. Availability of loans in specific areas and tax dues, any kind of authorised restrictions and much more. For this you can simply visit 

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You can also get some authentic information from the offices of the sub-registrar. And the municipal corporation where the property is located. It will reveal the history or record of the property and ownership details. If you hire property consultants, they will assist you with further procedures. It will help you to know more about the property details and specific ownership. 

Utility bills and tax stubs

Always make sure the current owner's name is on Water, electricity, and gas bills, as well as tax receipts. It will help to get the information from the current owner. These bills and receipts will show whether or not any dues are owed. 

Are You Eligible For Home Loan When Buying An Old Apartment?

The buyers have to check for eligibility before buying the property. Here you must check for the Age of the Property to avail of the bank loans. Secondly, you must be at least 18 years old to take legal ownership of the property. 


Resale flats have reportedly increased in metropolises such as New Delhi in recent years. And the reason for this is financial scarcity and a desire to locate within the smallest possible budget. So, for this, you should check on the required papers and eligibility to buy the home.